Climate and air conditioning

As a DAIKIN dealer, we offer the best air conditioning solutions for the domestic or business environment.

Because air conditioning is about much more than cooling the air, our systems create the perfect balance between temperature, fresh air, humidity and even air purification.

The appliances we recommend are energy-smart, with multiple functions for superior performance and energy efficiency.

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Air conditioning solutions for the home

Daikin has been developing and producing high-quality air conditioning systems for over ninety years, offering an optimal combination of cooling and heating comfort. To bring perfect comfort and complete solutions to homes and workplaces, in line with the growing concerns for environmental protection, the highest level of innovation and quality is required. The range of air conditioners Daikin offers you numerous models in different sizes, styles and with extensive functionalities. Thus, we ensure that whatever your needs are, there is a suitable solution for you.

Wall units: They are the most common type of air conditioner. These units are mounted on top of the wall and are available in numerous shapes, colors and designs.

Floor units: Represents units mounted on a lower part of the wall. They can be embedded in the wall or standard.

Unique split system:

  • An outdoor unit connected to an indoor unit.
  • Suitable for houses with large outdoor space.
  • Perfect for homes that only require 1-2 air conditioning systems.

Multi split system:

  • Connect up to 5 indoor units to one outdoor unit.
  • Suitable for houses or apartments with limited outdoor space.
  • Perfect for long-term plans that include installing 3-5 air conditioners.

Friendly with the environment

Our air conditioners are part of the Bluevolution range, which uses the innovative refrigerant R-32. R-32 is unique in the industry for its lower global warming potential (GWP), synonymous with high efficiency and ease of reuse, while maintaining and improving upon the standards set by previous generations of refrigerants.

Clean air, guaranteed

At Daikin we have developed a variety of air purification and cleaning features and functions aimed at removing the most troublesome pollutants from your home, thereby increasing indoor air quality and your comfort.

Daikin’s almost inaudible air conditioners have been designed to make any room the perfect place to relax, work or live without disturbance or distraction. With operating sound pressure levels of up to 19 dBA for indoor units and up to 46 dBA for outdoor units, the units blend in discreetly with ordinary sounds, ensuring your optimal comfort.

Stand By Me

Stand By Me is a platform through which we offer the best after-sales services to customers who have purchased Daikin equipment. The online platform is intended for Home Comfort Expert partners and their customers who have purchased a new Daikin unit, thus ensuring the highest quality service.

The advantages of Stand By Me:

Easy to access information

Daikin products have a long lifespan and it can be difficult to remember which models you have installed. You can find detailed information for all installed drives, including drive type, specific model, serial number, and date of installation.

Full unit history

You can access all previous maintenance, service and repair operations and logs from your account.

Maintenance reminder

Both you and your service partner receive an automatic reminder before the maintenance interval expires.


If your units are not working properly, you can always find the contact details of your Daikin service partner, so you know who to call in an emergency or if you simply want to schedule a maintenance visit.

Warranty details

You can view the warranty details of the purchased unit in a clear and transparent way in your account.

Warranty extension

With Stand By Me you can benefit from the warranty extension of up to 5 years for spare parts and other future packages for the unit.

Daikin Altherma 3 H HT

High temperature air-water heat pump

Heating, cooling and domestic hot water in one system

How does it work?

The Daikin Altherma outdoor unit extracts up to 75% of its energy from the outside air to provide heating, cooling and hot water, with the difference covered by electricity. The air-to-water heat pump is based on a compressor and refrigerant to transfer energy from air to water and heat the water for your needs and supply it to your home. They are among the most economical heating solutions, achieving the highest energy labels, up to A+++.

Designed to replace thermal power plants

Daikin Altherma 3 H HT is the perfect choice for your renovation project. Because it provides a leaving water temperature of 70 °C, like the boiler, without using an electric backup heater, you do not need to replace the radiators. Changing the heating system from a boiler to Daikin Altherma 3 H HT helps you save space. The floor model has a very small occupied area of less than 0.36 m².

An ecological investment

Switching from a thermal plant to a heat pump means switching to a completely ecological solution. No more fuel or gas is burned, and electricity is produced in a renewable way; In general, heat pumps reduce CO2 emissions by 70%. The difference is visible on the invoice, and the amortization can be done only in one year!

Designed in Europe for Europe

Sometimes the weather conditions in Europe can be harsh. For this reason, we have designed the Daikin Altherma 3 H HT to operate only in heat pump mode up to an outside temperature of -28 °C. Also, the heating capabilities are maintained down to an outside temperature of -15 °C. Performance is achieved thanks to original Daikin technology. As the market leader, Daikin continuously strives to produce the most efficient and reliable heat pumps. Daikin has developed Bluevolution technology to achieve a higher and more environmentally friendly performance. At this point, the technology has been included in all new products, such as the Daikin Altherma 3 H HT. Daikin Altherma 3 H HT is Daikin’s first outdoor unit with a distinctive design. The single fan concept reduces the noise level and the black front grille allows the unit to integrate into any environment. All dedicated components have been specially developed by Daikin to make the Daikin Altherma 3 H HT a unique unit.


Bluevolution technology combines a specially designed compressor and R-32 refrigerant. Daikin is the first company in the world to launch heat pumps equipped with R-32. With a lower global warming potential (GWP), R-32 is equivalent in power to standard refrigerants, but achieves high energy efficiency and low CO2 emissions. Being easy to recover and reuse, R-32 is the perfect solution for reaching the new European CO2 emission targets.

Quietness matches comfort

Daikin Altherma 3 H HT has been designed to reduce the acoustic level and meet the expectations of modern society. In standard noise level mode, the unit produces a sound pressure of 38 dBA at a distance of 3 m, somewhere between birds chirping and the inside of a bookcase. The Daikin Altherma 3 H HT also offers increased flexibility by having a low noise level mode that reduces the sound pressure at a distance of 3 m to 35 dBA, representing a real halving of the noise level.

The acoustic level can be assessed in two ways

› Sound power is generated by the unit itself, independent of distance and environment.

› Sound pressure represents sound perceived at a certain distance. In general, the sound pressure is calculated at a distance between 1 and 5 m from the unit.

One solution, many combinations

The Daikin Altherma 3 H HT range can be combined with three different indoor units that can connect to the outdoor unit, offering specific functions to ensure heating, cooling and domestic hot water in your home.

Outdoor unit The outdoor unit is available in 3 classes: 14, 16 and 18 kW.

Model with integrated stainless steel tank for domestic hot water. This model is a compact unit with a small footprint of 595 x 625 mm. The unit is equipped with a 180 or 230 l tank to meet domestic hot water demand. Optionally, you can choose cooling or bizonal functions.

Model with integrated domestic hot water tank ECH2 O. The ECH2 O unit is equipped with a thermal tank for domestic hot water of 300 or 500 l, which can be connected to thermal solar panels. Optionally, you can choose the cooling function.

Wall pattern. The model is the most compact unit, but requires a separate tank to provide domestic hot water. Optionally, you can choose the cooling function.

Get the comfort you expect with the best features

Heating only model. The heating only model is a standard version in the Daikin product range and is available for all three indoor units. This means that the heating system provides space heating and domestic hot water.

Reversible model. If you need cooling, the reversible model is perfect for you! The function is available on all three indoor units. Reversible means that the system can reverse its mode of operation and will provide cooling instead of heating. The cooling function requires an underfloor duct system or heat pump convectors.

The buffalo model. Only the integrated floor unit is equipped with a two-zone function as an optional extra: you can choose two independent zones with different transmitters and which require a different temperature level in different rooms (e.g. the floor system in the living room and the radiators in the upstairs bedroom). The two zones can also be managed independently: turn off the upstairs heating during the day to reduce overconsumption.

You are always in control, from any location - Madoka, the thermostat with an intuitive design

Intuitive control with a premium design: The smooth curves of the Daikin Madoka remote control give it a sleek and refined appearance, which stands out thanks to the circular blue display. Offering clear visual information with large, easy-to-read numbers, the remote’s functions can be accessed from the three touch buttons, which combine intuitive control with easy adjustment for an optimized user experience.

The configuration and fine-tuning of the remote control is easy and helps to achieve energy savings and a high level of comfort. The system allows you to select the operating mode depending on the space (heating, cooling or automatic), configure the optimal temperature in the room and control the temperature of domestic hot water.

Other services


Through our consulting, design, project management and operational support services, we help our clients to identify and implement the most efficient solution to meet their security objectives.

Structured voice-data networks

Whether it's sending or receiving e-mails or access to all the resources on the Internet, we have the solutions for growing your business through complete networking services.

Optical fiber

Infrastructure works for the construction and maintenance of urban and/or interurban fiber optic communications networks. These networks allow access to data and internet services, TV, fixed and mobile voice at the highest standards.

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