Assistant manager with specific attributions of managerial accounting (management) and secretarial.

Required experience and knowledge:
• Graduates with average or higher economic studies;
• Experience of at least 1 year in a similar position;
• Basic theoretical and practical secretarial and management accounting knowledge;
• Skills in using accounting programs;
• Knowledge of the Win Mentor software is an advantage;
• Skills in using the Microsoft Office program package (Excel, Word, etc.);
• Skills in using modern means of communication.

Candidate profile:
• Good theoretical and practical training in the field;
• Competences in planning, organization, control and communication;
• Adaptability to teamwork and professional stress;
• Spirit of initiative in finding the best solutions;
• The capacity for foresight and objective assessment;
• Ability to prioritize works with a deadline.

• You will draw up supporting documents related to (primary) management accounting, such as: Invoices, incoming-receipt notes, cash register, etc.;
• You will operate the relevant supporting documents in the Win Mentor accounting software;
• You will carry out secretarial activities, commercial communications with business partners;
• You will carry out basic activities regarding human resources and payroll.

• Motivating salary;
• Professional work environment;
• Flexible work schedule.


• Experience in the field can be an advantage;
• Education level – secondary education with a baccalaureate diploma;
• Clinically healthy from a physical and mental point of view;
• Discipline, seriousness, professional concern, responsibility and attention to the workplace.
• Receives the materials that are supplied, checks the quantities indicated in the accompanying documents and controls their quality as much as possible;
• Responsible for their storage in good conditions in order to avoid degradation, respecting the rules of labor protection and PSI;
• Ensures the integrity of all materials, small mechanization equipment and hand tools from the company’s equipment;
• Collaborates with the computer operator who is in charge of preparing the materials vouchers;
• Periodically, asks the operator from the computer about the stock situation and checks if they correspond to what is in the warehouse;
• Notifies the head of the supply department when stocks of certain materials are exhausted or have no movement;
• Fulfills any order given by superior hierarchical bosses.

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