Air conditioning. How to choose the right systems for your house


Air conditioning

How to choose the right systems for your house

Because many people are confused about air conditioning, in this post we have detailed their types. In addition, you also find a valid list to make the right choice according to functionality and system type.

Having thermal comfort ensured, regardless of the season and the place where you stay is important. Surely it happened to you at least once that you were left without air conditioning in hot temperatures.

The situation in which you run out of heat in the winter is even more terrible, so it is best to choose good systems that do not leave you struggling.

If you are going to purchase air conditioning and air conditioning systems, first determine what space you have available. How big can the system you buy be? How often will you use it and for what?

After you have established these issues you can start your search. This is the only way you will choose a model that meets your needs and is useful in your home.

How to choose air conditioning and air conditioning systems

Currently, the market is full of such systems. It can become tiring to search and analyze which is the best solution for you. To make it easier, here’s what to consider:


Do you only need air conditioning or heat as well? As modern technologies have become so good, you can purchase a model that gives heat in winter and cool air in summer.

Some models can heat the home optimally even if it is -25 degrees Celsius outside.

For example, systems from Netcom Activ perfectly balance temperature, fresh air, humidity, and air purification. Because we only use energy-smart appliances, they have multiple functions for performance and efficiency.

In addition, look for a system that is also silent. You can certainly imagine the noise made by old or malfunctioning appliances. Create a good relaxing environment for yourself and choose a system that does not produce loud and disturbing noise.

System type

Air conditioning systems are usually single-split or multi-split. Single systems have an upper unit and a lower unit.

Multi-systems are more suitable for large homes and have one upper unit and several indoor units.

You can also choose wall or floor units. The wall ones are the most common and are mounted on the wall, on the upper part. Floor-standing units can be standard or wall-mounted.


Here you have to take into account the cooling and heating capacity, i.e. the BTU parameter. If this parameter is higher, then the areas it can heat are also larger.

To give you an idea, you need around 20 BTU to heat or cool a meter of surface. For maximum comfort, it is good to respect these indices. And if you find it complicated to make this choice, you can always ask for the opinion of specialists.

So, if you want to make a choice that fits your needs like a glove, you can always contact the Netcom Activ team.

Additional functions

What would you like the air conditioner to do in addition? I told you that at Netcom Activ we sell modern systems, so you can opt for one that also has separation functions. It is about wifi control or purification or dehumidification functions.

Are you looking for environmentally friendly systems?

If it is an important aspect for you, you can choose air conditioning systems that are friendly to the environment.

At Netcom Activ, our appliances use unique technologies in the field due to a low GWP (global warming potential). So they are more efficient for your home and can even be reused.

And if taking care of your health is just as important, then choose a system that guarantees superior air quality. Modern systems have air purification and cleaning functions, just what you need if you live in the city or crowded areas.

Because such an investment is a long-term one, our advice is to go for systems that do the job well and integrate perfectly into your environment. This is the only way to ensure that you will spend time in comfort, without worrying about whether it’s summer, winter, or above-average pollution outside.

If you want modern air conditioning systems that offer maximum efficiency, go to our website and discover all the services: For additional information, we invite you to call us at 0230 521 268 or 0330 402 000

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